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Dr Christine Shen
Dr Christine ShenAcupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Energy Medicine Therapist

How can I help you?

  • Hey, I am Dr Christine Shen

  • I focus on YOU as an individual person not the disease. Treatment plan is tailored to your body signal – the pulse.

  • You will experience Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine method: pulse diagnosis and classical herbal formulas dated back 2000 years ago – Zhang Zhongjing (Saint of Chinese herbal medicine) in Han Dynasty 150 – 219AD.

  • Your healing is not just on physical level, but also soul and spiritual level.

  • Your body message will be decoded and I treat the root cause – the underlying layer.

  •  Your body has it own healing wisdom and my job is to touch that innate healing mechanism and restore physical and emotional body to its natural balance.

  • Exciting news: It is natural, not synthetic and it is drug Free. 

  • Most importantly, you experience genuine care and love.

Here are just a main reasons why you should choose Unalome clinic as your primary location for Well- Being

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