Holistic Counselling

We all experience emotional storms. You feel overwhelmed, feel stuck, need some support, a shoulder to lean on. Through process oriented therapy, I m here to listen, to facilitate and work together with you to find the balance back and take you on a journey of self discovery, connect with innate guru resides inside you so that you know you are always walk with someone beside you.

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Why Choose Us

      • Hey, I am Dr Christine Shen

      • I focus on YOU as an individual person not the disease. Treatment plan is tailored to your body signal – the pulse.

      • You will experience Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine method: pulse diagnosis and classical herbal formulas dated back 2000 years ago – Zhang Zhongjing (Saint of Chinese herbal medicine) in Han Dynasty 150 – 219AD.

      • Your healing is not just on physical level, but also soul and spiritual level.

      • Your body message will be decoded and I treat the roote cause – the underlying layer.

      •  Your body has it own healing wisdom and my job is to touch that innate healing mechanism and restore physical and emotional body to its natural balance.

      • Exciting news: It is natural, not synthetic and it is drug Free.

      • Most importantly, you experience genuine care and love.

Success Stories

Patients :32 years old, came in with irrgular periods. She has been taken contraceptive pills for two years. After stop the pill, she put on weight, feels bloated. Her pulse is slow and feels like mud. After acupuncture and herbal medicine for 4 treatments, her period comes back to 28 days

Irregular periods

Female patient 34 years of age. Work in Media industry. On and off Headache on the temple. Could not sleep well at night. Body is slim, feet are cold. Pulse is fading away under the finger.Her body tells me that her blood is deficient which does not nourish the Shen(Spirit).

With acupuncture and herbal medicine, headache said good-bye

Temple Headache

Female patient 31, years old, severe pain before periods, frontal headache, periods are delayed as 39 years. Body is heavy, lower legs and feet are swollen. Pulse is soggy, not clear. Her body tells me that she has water retention whck block the blood flow. After 3 treatmets with acupuncture and herbal medicine, no more periods pain and headache and period comes on time.