Having you experienced

  • bloating, diahrea, constipation, or
  • skipping bowl movement
  • heart burn, acid reflux?

These are the common symptoms of digestive issues. Poor gut health can lead to Crohn’s disease, irritable bowl syndrome, fatty liver, obesity and mental health issues.

Western Medicine talks about the bug or bacteria and yeast in the gut or refered to Microbiome.

Chinese medicine views the digestive process differently:  Yang  ( Spleen) goes upward. Yin ( Stomach) goes downward. When food enters into our body, stomach breaks down and ripens the food and seperates into pure(useful) and impure. The pure rises up to upper and impure goes down either to be reabsorbed or excreted out of the body. The pure will rise up to the spleen( Chinese Medicine concept) to transform into nutrients and nourish the body. The pure of the impure can be reabsorbed through the small intestine via blood stream and re-enter the body, and impure of turbid will be finally excreted from large intestine out of body as poo and impure of pure will be excreted as urine through bladder. Acid reflux is an example of the stomach qi is reversedly going upward. Diarrhoea is due to the long term consumption of  of cold drinks and food which consumed the yang in the stomach. Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine are effextive methods for treating these gut issues.