Sound Healing is a complete system of natural healing, it can be used alone or with a combination with acupuncture to harmonise meridians and invigorate body’s energy.

Tuning fork transmits a pure tone that travels deeper through body’s tissue. According to Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classics, it explains the frequency can affect 5 elements and 12 meridians. It employs 5 tones as a musical medicine as a therapy. In Chinese character:  Yue(樂)means music, and an almost identical to Yao(藥)means medicine.

In late Zhou dynasty, five notes in pentatonic scale came to be associated with five elements.

F# – Gong – Earth – Spleen

G# – Shang – Metal – Lung

A# – Jue – Wood – Liver

C# – Zhi – Fire – Heart

D# – You – Water – Kidney